Acasă Articole RTR Ecouri ale Drăgușului în etnomuzicologia românească postbelică: monografiile muzicale ale lui Ioan...

Ecouri ale Drăgușului în etnomuzicologia românească postbelică: monografiile muzicale ale lui Ioan R. Nicola


Reverberations of Drăguş in postwar Romanian ethnomusicology: the musical
monographs of Ioan R. Nicola

In 1928, Constantin Brăiloiu joins the monographic team of researchers led by Dimitrie Gusti for the campaign in Fundul Moldovei. Over the next years, Brăiloiu will be a regular collaborator of the monographic school, as he will use its research principles in order to develop a new and original research method, based on sociological principles. This method was first tested in the Drăguş campaign from 1929, but the results were published much later, in 1960. In Drăguş, Brăiloiu sought to obtain a clear picture of the musical repertoire in use at that time, regardless of its provenance or aesthetic qualities. This was a novel approach for the Romanian ethnomusicology, since all the previous research concentrated on a supposedly “pure” peasant music. The aim of this paper is to assess the impact of Brăiloiu’s seminal work in Drăguş on the postwar Romanian ethnomusicology. After a brief overview of the new ethnomusicological institutional infrastructure and methodological frameworks after 1948, we will focus on one of Brăiloiu’s disciples, Ioan R. Nicola. A diligent field collector, Nicola structured most of his work on monographic principles, often expressing his indebtedness to the monographic model set by his former teacher. One of his major works, published after his death, was a monographic study dedicated to the Mărginimea Sibiului ethnographic region. We investigate the monographic approach taken here by Nicola in order to compare it with the research of Brăiloiu in Drăguş, but also with theoretical principles of the monographic method developed by Gusti and his collaborators. In this way we hope that we can contribute to the understanding of how Brăiloiu’s ideas were perpetuated in the ethnomusicological research carried in second half of the twentieth century.

Keywords: Brăiloiu, Ioan R. Nicola, Drăguş, Mărginimea Sibiului, musical monographs.


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