Acasă Articole RTR Dragoș Sdrobiș, Schițe pentru o „Știință a prezentului”

Dragoș Sdrobiș, Schițe pentru o „Știință a prezentului”


Sketches for “a Science of Nowadays”

In the recent years, the nostalgic memory of the interwar Romania began to be challenged through the lens of the social history. The reminiscences of how we do remember this period began to be extinguished by the social history reminders. And through reminders one should understand any document – material or immaterial – that gives clues in conducting new insights into this period. Such reminders are the intellectual records of Anton Golopenția edited during the last two decades by his daughter, Sanda Golopenția. This book, that gathers essays, projects and letter drafts, approaches the problem of the young generation. The generational theme had become a commonplace of interwar intellectual debate. Furthermore, although not all of the young intellectuals had an unitary vision on this matter, all the participants in this debate pertained to the same set of problems of the Romanian society and of the youth, in particular. Regardless of their ideological answers, the fact that they were all relating to the same problems was an evidence that the young people wanted a thorough reform (or revolution, if applicable) of the Romanian realities. If we add that universal male suffrage became a reality, as well as access to education (especially the higher one), one can say that the movement of the interwar young generation is the first mass movement in the history of Romania. One that was socially motivated, ideologically grounded and politically conducted. And in order to change reality you had to know better the “nowadays”.

Keywords: modern Romanian history, social history, Gusti School, Anton Golopenția, Sanda Golopenția

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