Acasă Articole RTR Dragoș Dragoman, Bernard Lewis și revirimentul islamului

Dragoș Dragoman, Bernard Lewis și revirimentul islamului


Bernard Lewis and the Return of Islam

The current tensions brought in Europe by massive Muslim immigration, combined with terror bombing campaign by radical Islamic organizations, raise the question of the peaceful cohabitation and successful integration. Looking for suitable models, the article explores the relationship between Muslims and Christians from the Middle Ages. Despite some serious problems related to reciprocal understanding and self-sufficiency, the most important obstacle is the failure of modernization in most of the Muslim countries. As imported ideas, nation, state and secularism have never been fully understood and accepted by Muslim people, who still conceive community and solidarity through a religious lens. The current internal uprising against forced modernization (as a consequence of both savage colonialism and pervasive capitalism) and the external war against the West test the limits of the cohabitation of Muslims and Christians in a secular Europe.

Keywords: Islam, contemporary Europe, religious tolerance, Christians, Muslims


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