Acasă Articole RTR Doru Tompea, Dan Postolea, Petre Andrei. Lecţia parlamentară a unui pedagog naţional

Doru Tompea, Dan Postolea, Petre Andrei. Lecţia parlamentară a unui pedagog naţional


Petre Andrei. The parliamentary lesson of a national pedagogue

This study focuses on an aspect which is pervasive in the concerns embraced by Petre Andrei in his activity as a member of parliament during the National Peasants’ Party legislature throughout the period 1928-1933: education. During his spell in office, this scholar from Iaşi was not only a deputy in the Inferior Chamber of the Romanian Parliament but also a vice-secretary of state within the Ministry of Public Instruction and Religious Affairs. The scholar’s speeches and interventions as a rapporteur for a series of fundamental laws, in response to the objections of other members of parliament or as chairman of formal meetings, sketch the portrait of a politician who never forgot that, first of all, he was a Teacher. As a matter of fact, Petre Andrei’s work and destiny cannot be properly understood if we ignore what the scholar thought about the role of education and, within this framework, about the mission of universities and university teachers in particular.

Keywords: Petre Andrei, education, university, sociology, pedagogy, Romanian Parliament

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