Acasă Articole RTR Dorin David, Despre „tradiţionalism“ şi Mircea Eliade

Dorin David, Despre „tradiţionalism“ şi Mircea Eliade


On “Tradiţionalism” and Mircea Eliade

This study attempts to provide further clarifications regarding the influence of traditionalism on Mircea Eliade development (to avoid any confusion, traditionalism will be called by its synonym: perennialism), as René Guénon founded it, demonstrating that it is not as crucial as one may think. It also shows Mark Sedgwick’s book (Against the Modern World) insufficient documentation, at least in what concerns Eliade, concluding that he was not actually a perennialist, even one soft as Sedgwick calls him, but an optimist who saw that the sacred is camouflaged into the profane, and he shared this to the world.

Keywords: Mircea Eliade, Traditionalism, perennialism, René Guénon, Mark Sedgwick, Against the Modern World

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