Acasă Articole RTR Dorin David, Bryan Rennie şi Mircea Eliade. Sau despre ce mai înseamnă...

Dorin David, Bryan Rennie şi Mircea Eliade. Sau despre ce mai înseamnă astăzi Eliade în lume


Bryan Rennie and Eliade. On what Eliade means in the world today

This study introduces Bryan Rennie to Romanian scholars and public. He is one of the best interpreters of Mircea Eliade oeuvre. Analyzing his last book, this article shows the significance of Eliade’s writings, the importance they still have in our times, not only in Religious Studies, but also in others fields (for example Literary Criticism or Anthropology).
This research starts with an introduction in Bryan Rennie’s work; in the second part it analyzes the articles from the last book about Eliade he edited. It reveals the authors main critical points of view. The conclusion of these interpretations is that Eliade’s thought is still significant nowadays.
Keywords: Bryan Rennie, Mircea Eliade, hermeneutics, religious studies, literary criticism, history of religions, anthropology

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