Acasă Articole RTR Dinicu Golescu şi cărţile româneşti vechi în cultura argeşeană

Dinicu Golescu şi cărţile româneşti vechi în cultura argeşeană


Dinicu Golescu and the Romanian Old Books in the Culture of Argeş

Important personality of the Arges culture, Dinicu Golescu put his intellectual efforts in the interest of the moral and spiritual prosperity of the county. The scholar presents the insertion point between the Romanian and European culture, between the generation of the past and the generation of his present. He addresses this subject using through the bio-bibliographical method and documentary research, representing not only a simple informal subject but also a commemorative one (240 years from birth – in 2017), which underlines the importance of his contribution to the configuration of local education. The volume “Note to my Journey” has constituted a reference point in Romanian culture. For signalizing the author’s work I used bibliographic systematization by alphabetical criterion, insisting primarily on the volumes falling within in the subject “Old Romanian Book”.

Keywords: Dinicu Golescu, old Romanian book, research, culture of Argeş, bibliography