Acasă Articole RTR Despre modernitatea clasicilor. Ion Ghica – Scrisori către V. Alecsandri

Despre modernitatea clasicilor. Ion Ghica – Scrisori către V. Alecsandri


About the Classics’ Modernity. Ion Ghica – Letters to V. Alecsandri

Ion Ghica’s work, Scrisori către V. Alecsandri, (Letters to V. Alecsandri) plays a very important part in the development of the Romanian memoirs. His work represents a landmark between the traditional way of writing literature and the modern way of doing it. The respect he shows to the written documents, the rigorous manner of organizing his ideas make him belong to the tradition. But his unique talent in telling stories, the numerous anecdotes he inserted into the text just for the pleasure of narrating are elements that make him so modern.
Keywords: Romanian literature, Romanian classic writers, Ion Ghica, V. Alecsandri, tradition and modernity

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