Acasă Articole RTR Despre literatură, cu dragoste… Nicolae Steinhardt,Între viaţă şi cărţi*

Despre literatură, cu dragoste… Nicolae Steinhardt,Între viaţă şi cărţi*


On literature, with love… N. Steinhardt – In between life and books

During the last two communist decades, N. Steinhardt proposes a personal approach on literature and critics. He practices the reading and the receiving of literature and art in a Christian manner. Avoiding turgid expression, N. Steinhardt highlights the life embroidered in literature, in more or less famous authors, lyrics and characters. He catches a single moment of truth and beauty in the book he reads, in the painting he contemplates,  and, starting from this glimpse or revelation of life, he develops a vivid demonstration of the values he believes in: the way, the truth, and the life. N. Steinhardt’s attitude regarding literature and arts is based on love and gratitude. In a grey, humdrum, wearisome world, he finds the resources to proclaim the arts as an aristocratic manifesto. This is an intelligent and discrete way for him to counterpoise a vulgar ideology and the ubiquitous spectrum of censorship.


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