Acasă Articole RTR Despre instituții & continuități. Lecțiile lui H.-R. Patapievici & Mircea Cărtărescu. Sau...

Despre instituții & continuități. Lecțiile lui H.-R. Patapievici & Mircea Cărtărescu. Sau despre atenția la celălalt ca mod de construcție instituțională


About Institutions & Continuities. The Lessons of H.-R. Patapievici & Mircea Cărtărescu. Or, About the Attention to the Other as a Method of Institutional Construction

The present article aims at observing how H.-R. Patapievici and Mircea Cărtărescu have become the two main institutions of contemporary Romanian writing. Namely, how their incessant attention to the other has eventually led towards the building of their impressive body of works; in what concerns H.-R Patapievici, his puzzling array of philosophical and intellectual interests originates in this impassionate attention to the other, which leads him both to examine „the recent human” and to deplore the absence of „a market for the ideas”. In what regards Cărtărescu, the same „attention the other” is the punctum origo of his massive prose works, culminating with his recent novel Solenoid (an 800-page humanist manifesto) and with Landscape After Hysteria (a collection of social, political, and ethical attitudes). Therefore, it is this apparently naïve „attention towards the other” that represents the most effective institutional philosophy of the present.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, H.-R. Patapievici, Mircea Cărtărescu, institutional construction, attention to the other, market for the idea, humanist manifesto, Solenoid, Romanian Cultural Institute


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