Acasă Articole RTR Despre fenomenologia muzicală

Despre fenomenologia muzicală


On Music Phenomenology 

Based on a series of public lectures delivered at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in 1985, the book On Music Phenomenology, published at Spandugino in 2012, approaches both music as a performative act and its hermeneutics as essential issues of a discourse on music, the way it is performed and interpreted. Building on a phenomenological dialectics, Celibidache formulates his perspective on the nature of sounds and music, accurately interrogating the differences between practising music and representing it in words. In insightful comments, he raises questions on freedom in composing, performing and listening to music, emphasizing the force and expressiveness of contrasts. Certainly one of the greatest merits of the volume is that it recuperates and revalues Celibidache’s lecture and vision on music, also providing reconsiderations on the musical hermeneutics and phenomenology.

Keywords: music, sound, phenomenology, contrast, harmony, interpretation, hermeneutics, language, Celibidache


Celibidache, Sergiu. Despre fenomenologia muzicală, traducere de Anca Fronescu. Editura Spandugino, București, 2012, 105 p.