Acasă Articole RTR Demonul zeflemelei junimiste

Demonul zeflemelei junimiste


Abstract: From persiflage to pornographic literature, everything in Junimea is an alternative form of discourse deconstructing to the official one. The cultural society from Iași chooses a “lateral” way of representation, moving on a line parallel to the main one. Persiflage is used in order to define a model of salon conversation but also as an instrument of literary criticism, and thus a stimulator of literary production: it becomes a technique of the critical performance, a characteristic evaluative gesture. Originating in the core of the critical act, this lateral thread almost engages a manifest dissent – which will then be emphasized by its emergence in the profane, detabooed forms of pornographic literature. Representing itself on such a lateral thread, Junimea makes possible the construction of its image as a Balkan, Eastern society; and therefore as a particular, local way of life.

Keywords: persiflage, literart field, cultural siciety, Junimea, Balkan society.

Citation suggestion: Tudurachi, Ligia. “Demonul zeflemelei junimiste”. Transilvania, no. 5 (2021): 28-37.


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