Acasă Articole RTR Delia Voina, Museums of the “Astra” Association

Delia Voina, Museums of the “Astra” Association


Museums of the “ASTRA” Association

Since the first years of existence of the Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People, among the ASTRA leaders surfaced the idea of creating a museum of the Romanians from Transylvania, but because of financial difficulties, putting the idea into practice was always postponed. On August 19th, 1905, was opened the Exhibition which marked the solemn inauguration of the museum. According to the previously published programs, the exhibition was structured in two parts: the ethnographic one and the historic and cultural one, each of them having several thematically divided sections. Between the two World Wars several reorganizations of the permanent exhibition from the Palace of the Association were recorded, the emphasis being put on the scientific systematization of the collections. In 1948, the Museum of the Association became a Museum of the State and two years later its heritage was assigned to the Brukenthal Museum. The Association organized other museums like the “Avram Iancu” National Museum (1924) and the Union Museum from Alba Iulia (1929). In 1936, in Braşov, within the former Casa Baiulescu, was imagined a regional museum for the Ţara Bârsei region. Other museums organized by the ASTRA were recorded, but many of them were merely ethnographic collections. Let us remind only the ones from Sighetul Marmaţiei, Odorheiul Secuiesc, Sasca Montană, Ţebea, Chelari etc.

Keywords: exhibitions, collections, museums, Transylvania

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