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De listes en bibliothèques. Mémoires impériales (monarchie des Habsbourg, 2e moitié du XVIIIe siècle)


Imperial Memoirs (the Habsburg Monarchy, 2nd half of the 18th century). The Inventory of Wilczek Papers

This presentation originates in a survey on financial administrators and studies the relationship between knowledge and practice, focusing on the inventory of the Wilczek papers preserved in the State Archives in Vienna. The study first presents the library of Count Karl Joseph Firmian (Trento 1716 – Milan, 1782), a personality comparable in many respects to that of the bishop Batthyány, then continues with the succession and transfer of the papers to Count Johann Joseph Wilczek (1738-1819).

It is a question of understanding how, beyond the fragments of career, an imperial memory was built – not only from Milan to Vienna (Count Wilczek was plenipotentiary in Milan from 1782 to 1796), but also by incidental relationships and experiences, as well as through either suggested or hidden by the list.

Keywords: The Habsburgs, 18th century, papers inventory, libraries, Firmian, Wilczek


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