Acasă Articole RTR De la cronică la eseu

De la cronică la eseu


From chronicle to essay

Starting from the non-philosophical works (correspondence, interviews,”the note-books”) Constantin Cublesan turns his essay From Cioran’s Attic-room into a biographic poem of the XXth century “sceptic on duty” (Gabriel Liiceanu). The 13 chapters of the essay gradually reveal the psychological, intellectual, moral and spiritual portrait of the thinker from the attic-room – an extremely expressive phrase, full of meaning. In this approach, the critic starts from the idea that the non-philosophical works, the privat ones, facilitates the direct, “nude” comprehension of Cioran’s identity both as a person and a philosopher, with this tragic consciousness, tortured by insomnia. Some major ideas of the essay: Cioran is the descendent (in spirit and style) of the French moralist from the XVII and XVIII century; Cioran’s anthology of the portrait (The Authology of the portrait from Saint Simon to Tocqueville) is an attempt to self-defining; the critic re-builds the psychologic, intellectual and spiritual complex which generated Cioran’s psilosophy.
Keywords: philosophy, Romanian philosophy, anthology of the portrait, Emil Cioran, Gabriel