Acasă Articole RTR De cînd cu ruşii în ţară… sau despre persistenţa unei fobii

De cînd cu ruşii în ţară… sau despre persistenţa unei fobii


“Ever since Russians have come in our country…”
or about the persistence of a phobia

The study is based on the evidence that, despite the fact that they have been initiated within the highly generous context of the marriage between Stephen the Great’s daugher, Olena, and the heir of the Ivan the IIIrd, the relations between Romanians and Russians have not been quite the most cordial ones. The author realizes an imagological study regarding the image of Russia and, subsequently, of the Russian people in the imaginary of the Romanian intellectuals from the 18th and the 19th century, using as study material their chronicles or, when neccesary, their letters.
Keywords: imagology, cultural history, history of Romanian-Russian relations


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