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Date arheologice preliminare despre cercetările arheologice de la Alba Iulia- Stația de Salvare (1981)


Preliminary Archaeological Data Regarding the Archaeological Research from Alba Iulia-Stația de Salvare (1981)

The present article is based upon a series of unpublished information included in the second report regarding the research developed within the Alba Iulia “Stația de Salvare” necropolis in 1981. This concise report was kept in two manuscripts written by Mihai Blăjan and discusses the investigation of a number of 250 Roman and Early Medieval graves at which are added some other complexes (three dwellings from the 8th century and a fountain from the 2nd -3rd centuries. The Roman graves belong to the two rites (inhumation and incineration) and present several variations with regard to the sepulchral pits. In the case of the Roman complexes, one can also observe brick sarcophagi that are still intact or that were ravaged or profaned during the Antiquity period. In some other situations, the already mentioned complexes were damaged by other medieval graves or by municipal and drainage works undertaken within the area of the necropolis. The funerary inventory of the deceased (children and adults) was quite diverse and was composed of buckles, gold and bronze rings, glass beads, dices made out of bone, a clay doll, fibula fragments, hair pins, nails, coins and ceramic or glass pots. As for the Early Medieval graves, part of them can be attributed to the first horizon (the cultural group Blandiana A-Alba Iulia) based on the elements of rite and funeral ritual observed. The rest belongs to the second horizon dating back from the 10th-11th centuries. The deceased (children and adults) were buried in simple pits or in sepulchral pits coated with lithic material and sometimes animal offerings (horses, sheep, bovine, remains of chicken and eggs) were found in the graves. The funerary inventory contains coins, jewelry, household items, weapons and ceramics. The investigations carried out within the necropolis are of outmost importance for the history of the Romanian space from the perspective of the political, military and religious events around 1000. The same emphasis lays also upon the implicit interferences existing between the indigenous community and the enclaves existing in this area (Bulgarians, Magyars). Furthermore, this data is likely to elucidate the situation of Christianity in the area and can also clarify the theory of the so-called “Bălgrad Voivodeship,” the occurrence of which can only be considered during Gyula’s dissidence.

Keywords: Alba Iulia, Transylvania, necropolis, Roman, Middle Ages, offering.


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