Acasă Articole RTR Daniela Preda, Constantin Noica and the Concept of “Paideia”

Daniela Preda, Constantin Noica and the Concept of “Paideia”


Constantin Noica and the Concept of “Paideia”

As in the case of his lifelong friends, Mircea Eliade and Emil Cioran, some biographical aspects of Constantin Noica’s life have become nowadays a vivid subject of debate, leaving on a secondary level the cultural value of his work. The present study surveys the paideic model of the philosopher Constantin Noica, mainly centered on the relationship between master and disciple. The author therefore proves that the main goal of Noica’s project was to create an intellectual elite (the “Păltiniş School”), able to preserve the Romanian liberal and humanist values, via the so-called “resistance through culture” against the aggression of the communist regime.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian philosophy, Constantin Noica, paideic perspective, master and disciple, parable of the Prodigal Son.

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