Acasă Articole RTR Daniela Moldoveanu, Confessional Feminine Poetry in Romania

Daniela Moldoveanu, Confessional Feminine Poetry in Romania


Confessional Feminine Poetry in Romania

The interest in studying women’s confessional poetry arises and strengthens as their scriptural manner not only heralds a paradigm change or the continuity with the overseas poetry or synchronization – even if out of time, but in the spirit of the age psychology – but announces the emancipation of the woman vision and maturing the society’s thinking about the independent female roles from the old gender bias. We are witnessing a mentality split that the confessional paradigm is highlighting in all its aspects and will eventually produce a revolution that crosses the poetic border.
Keywords: confessional feminine poetry, autobiography, self-fiction, phantasia and mimesis, subjectivity, confessional pact

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