Acasă Articole RTR Daniel Șandru. Convingerea că binele există

Daniel Șandru. Convingerea că binele există


Daniel Șandru. The Assurance that Good Exists

The article reviews Daniel Șandru’s recent collection of political studies, Maladiile postcomuniste – on the one hand, an extended manifesto in favor of liberal thought; on the other hand, a collectory of the pathological symptoms and diseases of Romanian political life after 1990 and until 2019. For Șandru, the root of all political deviations lies in populism, the central pathology of democracy, with all its baroque hypostases; denouncing „the seduction of Syracuse”, as Mark Lilla calls it, as well as the temptations of what the same philosopher names „the reckless mind”, Daniel Șandru is against all „political religions” (Eric Voegelin) and their peculiar demonologies. Given the systematic continuity of his political thought, always consistent disregarding the topic it discusses, Șandru’s book is a solid proof that „truth is what continues”, in Camus’s words – and that truth ostensibly exists.

Keywords: Eastern Europe post-communism, contemporary Romanian politics, populism, liberalism, Mark Lilla, Daniel Șandru


Daniel Șandru, Maladii postcomuniste, Iași, Editura Junimea, 2019