Acasă Articole RTR Daniel Cristea-Enache, Lucian Raicu : în miezul literaturii

Daniel Cristea-Enache, Lucian Raicu : în miezul literaturii


Lucian Raicu: in the core of literature (I)

The present study observes Lucian Raicu’s literary criticism, with a twofold goal: first of all, it has the ambition of establishing a literary canon, while it aims at proving that Raicu was, besides Nicolae Manolescu and Eugen Simion, one of the three great literary critics of the postwar period; then, the second (and just as important) objective is that of identifying the arcane method of an apparently impressionistic critic, its primum movens and modus operandi. After carefully surveying Raicu’s main works, from his youth to the last ones, the author reaches the conclusion that the critic’s „impressionism” has a solid existential foundation, being the expression of a transversal section within the human, getting beyond the purely artistic dimension of the works and opening literature towards what is more-than-literature.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, postwar criticism, Lucian Raicu, impressionistic and existential criticism, literature and more-than-literature

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