Acasă Articole RTR Fotografia stereoscopică în arheologie

Fotografia stereoscopică în arheologie


Stereoscopic image in archaeology

A panoramic image of a site is much needed when archaeological researches are done. Such an image not only can ease up one`s work, but it can also lead to new research directions. This type of image is provided by aerial photo. But, when there exist the possibility of looking again at that panoramic image and of perceiving the site dimensions or the possibility of showing that image to other persons, the advantage is even higher. This thing is
possible due to the stereoscopic image. Stereoscopic image can be used in order to get the image of artifacts in space. Firstly, these images can easily reach any country and different scientists, in order to be studied and compared with other objects. Secondly, data basis and virtual exhibitions can be created. Then, considering the fact that oxygen and long light exposure can deteriorate certain artifacts, such objects can be exhibited through stereoscopic image. Stereoscopic image, along with other innovative research methods, like teledetection, contribute to the image of interdisciplinary science of archaelogy.
Keywords: stereoscopic imagine, archeology researces, aerial photo, panoramic imagine, virtual exibitions

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