Acasă Articole RTR Dan Ţăranu, A.E. Baconski – subversiunea şi narcisismul suprapus

Dan Ţăranu, A.E. Baconski – subversiunea şi narcisismul suprapus


A.E. Baconsky. Subversion and superposed narcissism

Anatol E. Baconsky was a controversial intellectual, covering the whole range of possible reactions to the Communist regime. He is still considered today a striking example of “conversion”. In 25 years he made the transition from an ancillary social poetry glorifying the regime to a literature imbued with anti-totalitarian rhetoric strongly resembling dystopian models. His literary criticism essays help us have a better understanding of his metamorphosis as a shift operated strictly at a formal and poetic level, but informed by the same ethical principles and identitary values as his previous works. He sees art, more specifically poetry, as a „superposed reality”, an alternative with its own rules and goals. At the same time, reversing this process and looking from art to reality, we can observe an identical configuration, in which the reality is obscured by a narcissistic, self referential quest that predates any other objective drama. The intellectual, in his vision, has a primary duty to the transcendental world of Art which he permanently seeks and which permanently evades him.

Keywords: transcendence, superposed reality, aestheticism, distopia, reflexivity

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