Acasă Articole RTR Cu privire la cuvântul fapt

Cu privire la cuvântul fapt


Concerning the Word fapt

Abstract: The article studies some occurences in which the word fapt (fact), derived from the Latin perfect passive participle factum, works with verbal and substantive value, as well as the contexts in which it has the meaning of spell. After a history of the term, which documents the transition from the etymological form fapt to the analogical form făcut (made), the article analyses the absolute transitive status of the verb to make and the semantic recovery of the unexpressed direct complement in certain syntactic patterns. The examples taken from the folklore material collected by Grigore Tocilescu, Simeon Florea Marian, Tudor Pamfile, I. Jarnik, Andrei Bârseanu highlight that the intended meaning, that of spell, appears in both nominal forms (analogous and etymological) and only in the analogical verbal form.

Keywords: linguistics, semantcs, Romanian language, origins of words. Citation suggestion: Borș, Monica. Cu privire la cuvântul fapt.” Transilvania, no. 6-7 (2022): 140-145.