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Cronica vieţii


The Chronicle of Life

Andrei Bodiu’s article analyzes one of the works of Radu Cosaşu, „Cinci ani cu Belphegor“ (Five years with Belphegor), published in a new edition in 2009 at the Polirom publishing house.. This work, less analzyed by the literary critics and historians, is dedicated by the great prose writer to the sports. Andrei Bodiu discusses Cosaşu’s work in connection with the communist period when it has been written, and points out the antitotalitarian attitude of the author. Cosaşu, underlines Bodiu, is against any form of fanaticism. He promotes an attitude in which fairplay is essential., an attitude which is against any form of converting sport in a weapon of political propaganda. Being not clearly against the political regime, Cosaşu’s work tried to maintain the real essence of the competition against the raising of Ceauşescu’s national-communism.


Radu Cosaşu, Opere III – Cinci ani cu Belphegor – Mătuşile din Tel-Aviv / Works III – Five Years with Belphegor – The Aunts from Tel Aviv, Iaşi, Polirom, 2009.

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