Acasă Articole RTR Cristina Pipoș, Noua confesiune între public și privat. Școala poeziei confesiunii

Cristina Pipoș, Noua confesiune între public și privat. Școala poeziei confesiunii


The New Confession between Public and Private. The School of Confessional Poetry.

The present paper aims to present the beginnings of the confessional poetry in literature and its evolution towards a new poetic mode that sets in its centre the most intimate thoughts of the poet and claims them to pertain to his self and more importantly, he/she thrust them to the reader. The confessional poetry needed a long time to become the poetry of Plath or Lowell. It took a long way to take the shape we are familiar with now. From the Romantics to the poets of the ’60, the confessional tone in poetry has evolved towards the expression of the deepest feelings in the human soul. In the following lines I introduce the confessional poets and the main themes they use in their poetry.

Keywords: confession, poetry, religion, modern

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