Acasă Articole RTR Cristian Bocancea, Petre Andrei şi construcţia capitalului social

Cristian Bocancea, Petre Andrei şi construcţia capitalului social


Petre Andrei and the construction of social capital

In the complex landscape of the reconfiguration of social structures and values in interwar Romania, Petre Andrei gave substance to the democratic movement, disagreeing with the new extremist ideological constructs (Fascism and Bolshevism), which attracted a series of intellectuals and large portions of a population who lacked political culture. In his sociological and philosophical works, Petre Andrei favored the intellectual’s need to get politically and socially involved in order to raise the nation’s spirit, through culture. His intellectual project was not limited to the assertion of democratic and cultural principles but it also encompassed political-administrative action, as a minister of Education, and his actual contribution to the educational toolbox of young people. From this perspective, we believe that Petre Andrei was an exemplary builder of social capital in the 1930s in Romania.

Keywords: intellectuals, social capital, culture, democracy

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