Acasă Articole RTR Creația de lumi în limbaj. Analiza lumilor textului în poezia optzecistă

Creația de lumi în limbaj. Analiza lumilor textului în poezia optzecistă


Creation of Worlds in Language. Text worlds analysis in the poems of the ’80s

Reading means actively inferring a text world ‘behind’ the text. This world is actually a designated context, a type of reality that is evoked in our minds during reading. This process of constructing worlds from texts is often described as fundamental to comprehension. That is why the way we understand the world postulated by the text cannot be explained just in terms of grammatical correctness and of specific links between the sentences, but it also depends on the reader’s ability to imagine the meaning of words, building around it a scenario in which that text makes sense. When reading poetry, the process of constructing meaningful worlds may not be as clear as in the case of narrative fiction. Exploring the poetry of the ‘80s by different approaches may lead to discover that poems representing that particular generation leave the choice between the fact and the fiction open.

Keywords: possible-worlds creation, schema reinforcement, the theory of accessibility relations, the poets from the’80s.


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