Acasă Articole RTR Continuitate și discontinuitate în Drăgușul contemporan: un studiu de caz

Continuitate și discontinuitate în Drăgușul contemporan: un studiu de caz


Continuity and Discontinuity in Contemporary Drăguș: A Case Study

The following paper is a case study built from an unfinished research consisting of interviews conducted in 2013-2014. Aiming to analyze the ways in which life in households in the Transylvanian village of Drăguș had changed from the interwar period to modern days, my research only managed to cover life in one household. I follow the life course of the official owner of the household, an elderly woman who had set up the household in the 1960s, and of her son, to whom she had transferred household management and responsibility during the 1990s. Much smaller in scope, the resulting study places into light the manner in which the social and economic trajectory of a household is shaped by the life courses of its members and their specific context and tries to discern whether this household may still be conceptualized as a peasant one. Following the continuities and discontinuities of life in this village from the time it was researched by members of Dimitrie Gusti’s School of Sociology to contemporary times, my study calls for a much more nuanced and detailed understanding of social change in Romanian villages.

Keywords: Drăguș, case study, peasant, household, social change, Dimitrie Gusti


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