Acasă Articole RTR Constantin Ittu, Library and some of its 19th century calendars and journals

Constantin Ittu, Library and some of its 19th century calendars and journals


Library and some of its 19th century calendars and journals

The Library of the National Brukenthal Museum from Sibiu is an 18th century cultural institution, one of the most important libraries in Romania. Its founder was Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, Governor of Transylvania (1777-1787). The collections consist on old books in foreign languages (mainly in German and Latin), as well as old Romanian writings. An important part represents also the collection of periodicals from the 19th century, and books from the same period of time. From the very beginning, the Brukenthal Library was regarded as the main research centre of Southern Transylvania. Nowadays reality proves that it remained one of the leading cultural Romanian institutions of our country. Researchers from Romania and abroad carry out research work in the library and the results of this activity are mainly published in the periodicals of the museum, as well as in books printed abroad, of course, in foreign languages, especially in German. I would like to focus my attention of the 19th century periodicals collection of the Brukenthal Library, a collection which includes old German calendars and scientific journals, all of them being relevant for humanities and social science in a multicultural and multilingual framework. It is already known that Sibiu town (as well as its surroundings) has a multiethnic population, especially of Romanians and Germans.

Keywords: National Brukenthal Museum, collection of periodicals, Southern Transylvania, Samuel von Brukenthal, old Germans calendars, scientific journals


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