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Considérations sur les termes de la faune et de la flore dans les proverbes franÇais


Observations Upon the Terms which name the Flora and Fauna in French Proverbs

In the present study we want to illustrate certain morphological and semantic aspects typical of the proverbs. These aspects are present in the linguistic structure of this species. We shall pay special attention to that part of speech which is best represented in the proverb enunciations – the noun which names objects and abstract ideas. We shall insist upon the concrete nouns from the semantic field of the flora and fauna. In the first part of this study we have had in view the way these terms are distributed inside the proverbs. In the second part of this article we have identified some processes expressive, created by the relations of association as well as by the contrast ratios which come up between the terms which name the flora and fauna. In our approach, we have grounded our examples on a substantial corpus of proverbs which are representative for our analysis. The examples have been extracted from electronic versions and collections.

Keywords: modern and contemporary French language, proverbs, fauna, flora, term, expressive means.

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