Acasă Articole RTR Consideraţii privind demersul diplomatic în Europa al lui Vasile Alecsandri în primăvara...

Consideraţii privind demersul diplomatic în Europa al lui Vasile Alecsandri în primăvara anului 1859


Aspects concerning the diplomatic activity of Vasile Alecsandri in Europe
in the spring of 1859

The international relationships in the European nations between 1848 – 1875 had known a lot of changes that had influence also in Romania afther the Peace Treaty from Paris in 1856 and especially afther the double union achievement of the principates: Walachia and Moldavia during the reign of the Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza (1859 – 1866). The beginning of Cuza’ s reign was confronted with the reaction of big European countries of the events
on the 5 th an 24 th January 1859. From this perspective, with a major impact on Romania, one can analyse the first step of prince Alexandru Cuza’s reign between 1869 – 1861, concerning the diplomatic activity of ane of Cuza’ trustful person, Vasile Alecsandri who had a tourishing diplomatic activity in many of the European capitals. Vasile Alecsandri was a remarkable personality and distinguished man of letters who had a diplomatic activity in the spring of 1859. His diplomatic efforts started of the Court of th French emperor, Napoleon the 3 rd, then in the British capital at Lord Malmessbury, Foreign Office and not last in the Piemont-Sardinia Kingdom where he analysed with the Count Camillo Cavour the problem of international recognition of the Romanian’s double union and the double election of Cuza. Vasile Alecsandri’s diplomatic efforts had been successful in the spring of the 1859. The beginning of the Romanian diplomatic attempts have managed to acquire the international recognition of the union led to the affirmation of Romania as a national and modern State in Europe.
Keywords: Romanian diplomacy, international relations, diplomatic contradictions, national realities, European policy, national states


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