Acasă Articole RTR Consens și valoare (sau despre paradoxurile ideii de canon)

Consens și valoare (sau despre paradoxurile ideii de canon)


Consensus and Value (About the Paradoxes of the Canonic Idea)

The paper tries to raise some issues of a philosophical nature, pertaining to the idea of literary canon. The history of the canon is usually presented in one of two ways: either the canon is depicted as the result of social negotiation (the consensual explanation), or as the true reflection of a stable history of the permanent values of a culture (otherwise known as the best that has been thought and said”). I argue that there are problems with each and that none is entirely true by itself alone, concluding that the consensual explanation is probably a more useful way of looking at cultural history.

Keywords: consensus, value, canon, value judgement, aesthetics, sociological hermeneutics


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