Acasă Articole RTR Confruntările muncitorilor cu patronatul – succintă privire în timp şi spațiu –

Confruntările muncitorilor cu patronatul – succintă privire în timp şi spațiu –


The Confrontation of Workers with the Patronage – A Glimpse in Time and Space

How has evolved in Romania, in Europe, and, very briefly, in the world, confrontations, from simple to complex, the workers with the employer? Here is the study. Which are the historical roots of the confrontation, which was the evolution towards modern forms in capitalism and the transition today? What is emerging in perspective, especially in the context of globalization of capital markets and the globalization of the labor market? What specific aspects of the phonomenon shows itself to obvious for Romania? These are the questions to which I tried to answer, shortly, but according to the complexity of those issues.

Keywords: rebellion, revolution, strike, employees, employers, negotiations, the issue of social policy.


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