Acasă Articole RTR Concepte ale gândirii moderne (II). Crăciun, Wittgenstein și posibilitatea unui limbaj privat

Concepte ale gândirii moderne (II). Crăciun, Wittgenstein și posibilitatea unui limbaj privat


Concepts of Modern Thought II. Crăciun, Wittgenstein, and the Possibility of a Private Language

Through his constant preoccupation with the relationship between language and world and by his searching for modes of expression that would evade the conventions of the ‘common language’, several of Gheorghe Crăciun theoretical observations delve upon the possibility of a private language, one that would grasp what is unique and virtually incommunicable about subjective experience. By appealing to Wittgenstein’s famous ‘private language argument’, the article is an attempt to understand and explain the errors and confusion that lie behind the notion of a private language, but not without acknowledging the impetus that might drive a modernist writer towards such a conception. The final pages of the article provide a brief description of the weaker concept of a ‘personal language’ by putting together some of Crăciun’s own insights into the matter with observations derived from the works of George Steiner and Roman Jakobson.

Keywords: private language, meaning, subjective experience, spheres of association


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