Acasă Articole RTR Componenţa bibliotecilor şcolilor grănicereşti

Componenţa bibliotecilor şcolilor grănicereşti


Border Guard Schools Libraries Contents

A good quality education system implied to endow and equip school libraries, in order to serve to „the advancement and rising of education”. They were meant to help and enrich the knowledge of pupils and school teachers, but equally to help the villagers. That is why the libraries from former ranger schools were well equipped. They contained manuals, fiction, periodicals and other useful publications, printed on both sides of Carpathian mountains, as well as famous classical authors. Part of these books were inhereted from times when these villages formed the military border of the country. The most important library was in Orlat village and contained 403 volumes. Other village school libraries had a pretty big number of volumes for those times: Cugir, 370; Haţeg, 218; Copăcel, 130; Veştem, 118; Mărgineni, 117.

Keywords: library, school, volume, border guard, Orlat, Hateg, Vestem


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