Acasă Articole RTR Célia Vieira, L’edition numerisée de textes de théorisation littéraire – l’archive digital...

Célia Vieira, L’edition numerisée de textes de théorisation littéraire – l’archive digital e-poeticae


The digital edition of literary theorisation texts – the digital archive e-poeticae

After carrying a brief contextualization on the issue of literary documents in an electronic environment, we intend to present the current state of E-poeticae: an e-publishing project of literary theorisation texts produced in Portugal, France and Spain, during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, launched in 2010 by a group of researchers from CELCC/ISMAI (Oporto, Portugal) available at the website It is intended to provide a digital database containing the greatest number of literary metatexts produced in those countries, in the indicated timeline. By literary theorisation texts we understand those explanatory, analytical or normative texts, in which we find expressed the guidelines, rules, goals or semiotic mechanisms that underlie the creation, structure and reception of the literary text (Silva 1988). Considering that different expressions of metaliterary consciousness may be taken into account (Głowínski 1976), in E-poeticae’s digital archive we’ve been assembling a wide variety of metatexts, such as literary criticism published in the press; manifestos; essays and treatises published separately; writers’ own statements in prefaces and other similar paratexts; or even theoretical fragments of a metaliterary nature found within the framework of a given literary text. The nature of this project is, obviously, dynamic and it implies an active and constant growth of the on-line corpus that, hopefully, will constitute a huge repository of metatextual material. Since March 2010, released about five hundred literary theorisation texts, all of them produced in the 19th century and published mainly in Portugal. By developing a digital database that represents documented issues that beset the metaliterary consciousness of both critics and writers, from the 19th century to the contemporary age, E-poeticae can thereby be a relevant resource contributing to the updating of the body of knowledge in the fields of History of Literary Ideas, Critical History and Theory of Literature in Portugal, Spain and France.
Keywords: e-publishing; literary theorisation; portuguese literature; spanish literature; french literature.

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