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Câteva revizitări ale conceptelor de modernism și avangardă în discursul critic și istoriografic contemporan


A Few Revisitations of the Concepts of Modernism and Avant-Garde in
Contemporary Critic and Historiographic Discourses

The study seeks to revisit the concepts of modernism and the avant-garde by exploring the historical framework underpinning the development of both a consciousness of modernity at the turn of the twentieth century and a metacritical use of the concepts in contemporary literary historiographies across Europe and North America. In order to address these aspects, I will first look at what I call “regional modernisms”, with their particularities within their own national literary systems, in order to trace the beginnings of peripheral cultural perspectives on modernism; I will then investigate the relationship between modernism and the avant-garde as evidenced in mainstream European and American literary historiographies; finally, I will explore the internal relationship between modernism and the historical avant-garde, attempting to detect certain relational dynamics between the two movements. The purpose of my examination is not only to determine the unique nature of the avant-garde in the world literary system, but also to propose the idea that the development of modernism is closely linked to its contacts with the avant-garde.

Keywords: literary modernism, historical avant-garde, minor literatures, high modernism, modernity


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