Acasă Articole RTR Cântăreţi ai Adevărului în Artă

Cântăreţi ai Adevărului în Artă


The singers of the truth through art

The role of Art is to present life in a realistic and life-like way in order to give it a reasonable explanation and appreciation. Together with literature and philosophy it presumes a diverse practical and theoretical experience learnt from its historical roots and origins. The different cultural/artistic traditions which have developed over time also have to be taken into consideration because they have played an important role in its evolution. Only with these traditions as a basis will it be possible to understand art, reveal its value and step into the process of producing „art“, taking into account the stylistic characteristics of each era and the causes that brought them about. The evolution of music is linked to the general process of development of society, a process that is entering a new stage. Musorgski wrote “Life – wherever it may manifest it self, truth – however bitter it may be, the bold word – told in the face of people, these are the things that mould me…..” Through the medium of melody in musical expression, he expressed truth as a reflection of realistic aspects of life and abandoned the fictions that had no relevance in the Russian nature and individuality.
Keywords: art, composer, Musorgski, music, Hartmann, painting


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