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Acasă Articole RTR Camelia Grădinaru, Albume „efemere”. Fotografia digitală în mediul familial

Camelia Grădinaru, Albume „efemere”. Fotografia digitală în mediul familial


Ephemeral Albums. Digital Photography in the Household

Exploring philosophical, sociological, communicational or ethnographic approaches about photography, this paper focuses on the ways in which digital photography is integrated in the household and on the functions that it plays at home. Present changes in the understanding of the concept of „family” in the light of ”mobile privatisation” can challenge the traditional dichotomy between public and private spheres. The digital technology has transformed the nature of the photography; its democratization has shaped its functions (self-presentation, memento, communication, storytelling) and also its selection, preservation, archiving or display modalities. In the same vein, the snapshot culture has emphazised the importance of the socializing function, sometimes unconcerned with the quality of image. The family photographs are embedded in specific practices and have to be understood within these practices. The perceived frailty of digital photographies in family (difficulty of access, problems with use) challenges the design of new ways of better integrating the digital mementos in the house.
Keywords: digital photography, family, home, archive, digital memento, storytelling, snapshot culture

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