Acasă Articole RTR Camelia Burghele, Nunta în satele româneşti din Transcarpatia

Camelia Burghele, Nunta în satele româneşti din Transcarpatia


Traditional wedding within Romanian villages on the right Tisa bank
(Trans-Carpathia, Ukraine)

This paper presents – by the help of several testimonies on the field – the way weddings are carried out in the Romanian
villages on the right Tisa bank (Tans-Carpathia, Ukraine). One must remake the virtually general consensus of the
interviewed subjects towards comparing “then” and “now” when speaking about morality while categorically favoring the
old days.
The general opinion is that there is no more respect for those good manners and many of the people interviewed
speak of a breaking ancient beliefs:
For the traditional Romanian society, wedding is both a personal and family event and also a social communitary one.
Just as within the Romanian Maramures villages, the Maramures villages across Tisa see wedding as a precisely staged
script, while covering a ritual taken from the cultural background – with all its identity features.
Performing the traditional wedding means to overlap a row of ritual actions the significance of which is not very clear
anymore to the group but which becomes activated on well established customs.

Keywords: Romanian villages, traditional Romanian society, wedding, ritual actions

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