Acasă Articole RTR C. Stere şi “Afacerea de onoare” de la 1894

C. Stere şi “Afacerea de onoare” de la 1894


C. Stere and his 1894 „affair of honour”

This study wants to enlighten an unknown up to now episode in C. Stere’s life – the 1894 „affair of honour” whose (second/other) protagonist was G. A. Scorţescu, the manager of „Evenimentul”, the liberal news-paper in Iaşi. The file of the incident reconstructed after a research in that time periodicals points out the fact that the future
political person and writer, then a student in Iaşi University persuaded his colleagues not to enter the Bucharest student movement which, at the end of the Congress in Constanţa, manifested in streets against the conservatory government accused of suppressing the popular protests for the “Memorandum” Process in Cluj. Stere’s action was subordinated to that period tactic of the Socialist Party whose supporter he was. It was also in accordance with his ideas on the „national problem”, which must not be the subject of the fight between the two historical parties. But, in the same time, it served the Conservatory Party determining the failure of the Liberal Party attempt to overthrow the government and therefore, the young student had been rewarded with the easy (rapidly) 1894 passport and 1895 citizenship obtaining. This file also shows the fact that far from being a forever innocent victim as he pretended, C. Stere was a fiery fighter, capable of using all his weapons, even the pamphlet, with tenacious resentments.
Keywords: The National Liberal Party – The Conservatory Party – The Socialist Party – The „Memorandum” Process

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