Acasă Articole RTR Bogdan Popa, Straja Ţării în „Enciclopedia României”

Bogdan Popa, Straja Ţării în „Enciclopedia României”


The Country Watch in the “Encyclopaedia of Romania”

Probably the only institution created by King Carol II which is still remembered, the Country Watch was inspired by youth movements created by the totalitarian regimes during the interwar. Having the cult of the sovereign as its focal point, this organisation tried to integrate all the other youth organisations in Romania, in order to counterbalance the rise of the extreme right. In this article, I aim to investigate the small chapter dedicated to the Country Watch (Straja Ţării) in the 1938 Encyclopaedia of Romania. I intend to discuss the structure of the text, its authors, and the images chosen to illustrate the chapter. Nevertheless, I intend to place the text in the context of its era. However, my conclusion is that for the present day scholar, the chapter from the 1938 “Encyclopaedia of Romania” is rather an introduction, and not the ultimate resource for the investigation of this de-famed, yet complex youth organisation.
Keywords: Straja Ţării/Country Watch, Encyclopaedia of Romania, youth, education, mass-organisation

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