Acasă Articole RTR Barthes avec Derrida, ou vers un après-punctum social et écologique

Barthes avec Derrida, ou vers un après-punctum social et écologique


Abstract: In “Camera Lucida”, Roland Barthes comes into a personal and autobiographical exploration of photography, trying to grasp the sharp and piercing emotion which he terms punctum. Defying signs and codes, the punctum leads to an irreducible subjective experience of the photographic image as that-has-been. Reading Roland Barthes’s theory of photography through the perspective of Jacques Derrida’s essays on mourning and otherness, this article questions whether the notion of punctum can have a social and political meaning1.

Keywords : Roland Barthes, La chambre claire, photography, punctum, Jacques Derrida, mourning, Hans Belting.

Citation suggestion: Coroamă, Eliza Dana. “Barthes avec Derrida, ou vers un après-punctum social et écologique”. Transilvania, no. 4 (2021): 19-25.


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