Acasă Articole RTR Avram Iancu și Sibiul

Avram Iancu și Sibiul


Avram Iancu and the town of Sibiu

Three important Transylvanian towns are linked to Avram Iancu’s name: Cluj, Târgu Mureș and Sibiu. In Cluj he attended his high school studies and the upper law course between 1841-1846. In Târgu Mureş he did his lawyer (cancelist) internship between 1846 and the spring of 1848. He was here when the Revolution began. The years spent in the first two towns did not forecast that Avram Iancu would become the hero of the nation. Instead, Sibiu is linked to his name in the years of the Revolution (1848-1849). During the revolution, Avram Iancu came to the town of Sibiu several times to attend the meetings of the Permanent Committee of the Romanian Nation, whose member he was. Also after the invasion of Transylvania by the Hungarian revolutionary troops, he came to Sibiu to get informed about the course of events in the country and in the empire or to ask for weapons and supplies from the Austrian commandment. It was also in Sibiu, in 1852, when he gave the first signs of his distance from the world. In the years of his dramatic life he came to Sibiu several times, since the towan awakened memories and it was here that his good friend Ilie Măcelariu lived.

Keywords: Sibiu, Avram Iancu, the Permanent Committee of the Romanian Nation, the Revolution of 18481849, Transylvania


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