Acasă Articole RTR Aspecte privitoare la unele analize şi prognoze despre criza economică şi internaţională...

Aspecte privitoare la unele analize şi prognoze despre criza economică şi internaţională în anul 2009


Aspects regarding some analyses and forecasts about the international economic crisis in 2009

The triggering of the international economic crisis has lead to extremly severe economic and social evolutions. The United States of America and the United Kingdom are the most affected countries. There are presented data regarding the crisis, causes of some negative phenomena and the way they have been transmitted from one place to another. Most of the references are to the United States of America, the country where the crisis first started. Some analogies to the manner in which the Black Thursday crash of the Exchange in november 1929 are also made, as well some analogies to the role of the leading bankers to this crash. There are also presented the prognoses of the Russian analist Igor Panarin, who forsees a colapse of the United States until the end of the year 2010, prognoses which the author of the articol regards them reticently, without forgetting to draw attention on the fact that he is one of the most famous analists of international relations.
Keywords: International economic crisis, economic crisis in the U.S.A., Mugur Isărescu, Igor Panarin

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