Acasă Articole RTR Aspecte din istoria şi organizarea Clubului Bilderberg (I)

Aspecte din istoria şi organizarea Clubului Bilderberg (I)


Bilderberg Club’s History and Organization apects

Are you sure that you know who is leading you?
Politics, money, religion, conspiracy and the last but not the last one: POWER. When we talk about politics, we actually talk about POWER. Who are those who hold the absolute power? Who is behind the scenes? Who take the most important decisions in this world? Two words must be said: Bilderberg Club. This paper will present the history and the main proceeding to one of the most (perhaps the strongest) organization in the world. So, after saying these words, let’s go through the mysterious world of this organization.
Keywords: Bilderberg, Rockefeller, Freemasonry, occult, secret societes, world supremacy, globalization


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