Acasă Articole RTR Arheologia cuvintelor. Textul Hronicii românilor din perspectiva unei cercetări semantice

Arheologia cuvintelor. Textul Hronicii românilor din perspectiva unei cercetări semantice


The Archaeology of Words.
The text of “Romanian’s Chronicle” from the perspective of a semantic research

“Romanian’s Chronicle”, the most representative work of Gheorghe Ţincai has been the object of numerous historiographic aproaches that tried to catch the attributes of the author’s conception and historical method, the infusion and the importance of his contributions brought to the development of the modern Romanian writing. The diversification of the working methodology in the field of historiographic analyses allows us at the moment new approaches. The present work is to reveal the closeness to the text of „Romanian’s Chronicle” from the perspective of a semantic investigation that aims at identifying the elements which individualize the author’s writing and profile within the generation of the Transylvanian School, opening at the same time the gate of knowledge concerning the manner in which the political conceptions within the era of change have crystallized.
Keywords: Archaeology of words, Enlightenment, Romanian’s Chronicle, Transylvanian School, Semantic analysis


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