Acasă Articole RTR Anul 1918 în Jurnalul de război al Reginei Maria a României

Anul 1918 în Jurnalul de război al Reginei Maria a României


The Year 1918 in the War Journal of Queen Marie of Romania

This study is focused on a tormented moment in history, 1918, viewed from the perspective of Queen Marie of Romania. The year, which starts dramatically for Romania, will bringt its end the fulfilment of a century-old dream of the Romanians, the Union of Transylvania with the Romanian Kingdom. We will refer to the main events of this special year of our history, by selecting and interpreting fragments from Queen Marie’s Journal, edited by Lucian Boia, with the title: “A War Journal – 1918”. The role of Queen Marie in supporting the Romanian Army, in fighting for the cause of Romania, as well as the loyal attitude towards the Allies, the limitless joy of the returning from exile and of the Union itself can be discerned with historical and even literary interest in the pages written in the heat of the moment with enthusiasm, sadness and despair. A living history, related by a great personality, with the great happiness of the fulfilment of an old dream of the Romanians – at the very moment of their coming into light from the Dark War.

Keywords: Union, Transylvania, Queen Marie, war, journal, Allies