Acasă Articole RTR Antonio Patraş, „O dragoste florentină“. Poveste fără sfârşit

Antonio Patraş, „O dragoste florentină“. Poveste fără sfârşit


A Florentine love”. The neverending story

The present paper undertakes the goal to show the dramatic side of Lovinescu’s work, generated by the writer’s travel impressions. In fact, being totally aware by his lack of imagination, the critic holds captive to his own life experiences and frequently outlines the incongruity between the lived fact and its literary “translation”, deeply convinced that a writer can resolve the encumberances in a single possible way: by refusing the “mimetic” pact, and consequently by mystifying “reality”. It is on this process of sheer mystification that countless narrative sequences build upon, which onwardly clot together as individual episodes of a story that does not miss the most general reflections, taken tale quale out of the forerunning travel pages. So as to give more dramatic spice to his narration, the critic makes use of framing techniques such as “the found manuscript” or “the frame story”, which altogether obliquely suggest at least two psychological dimensions of his personality: 1. the refusal of confession and, implicitly, a discourse tendency to “objectivize” the „personal” stuff; 2. a distinct sensitivity for theatre and melodrama with all their imaginary paraphernalia. In any case, the forming and modelling character of the first “romances” should be paid a bit of attention at, as the following cascades of literature tentatives and the late novels are engendered by this basic principle.

Keywords: modern Romanian literature, E. Lovinescu, dramatized narration, melodramatic imaginary, romance, frame story, affective memory

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